Our Program

We focus on prevention and recovery, and both are achieved when people take necessary actions to pursue the goals that each individual has set.

Being homeless can lead to a sense of detachment from society and social norms.

Since we are not a treatment facility this type of housing is for those that are capable of living on their own but lack the structure and tools to go at it alone.

Shared housing is a community within itself that thrives on peer support.

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

A Peer Support Specialist is a person who has lived experience in a specific area such as drug abuse, and remains in recovery by helping others that are struggling with offering advice or judgement.

The statistics show that people do better amongst peers that are on positive behavioral paths, than those told what to do by paid professionals and authoritative figures.

The house is fully furnished which means it has the following:

  • Kitchen with microwave, stove, refrigerator, blender, toaster, coffee maker, silverware.
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Dining Room
  • Big Screen T.V., Wi-fi, internet, live streaming Roku.
  • Big Backyard
  • Only 2 people to a room (no bunk beds)
  • Cameras in the common areas (safety and security)
  • No Smoking Inside or Outside the premises
  • Community pantry
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Peer Support Specialist Certified
  • Computer and Printer
  • House Manager
  • Spiritual Counseling (If needed)
  • Self Help Referral Manager

WRAP- Wellness Recovery Action Plan

The WRAP tool is very useful for a daily self-awareness check.
It’s not a tool to diagnosis oneself but useful to recognize how you feel to battle feelings of:
a) Depression
b) Anxiety
c) Anger
d) Fear

Goal Setting

Goal Setting- an effective tool to keep you track to where you want to go…and as small goals are met you will receive a Certification of Completion recognizing your progress.


Big Smiles House believes in the right to choose your own spiritual belief. However, we believe in God and having a relationship with a power greater than yourself, it can be achieved with simple meditation if you are not yet ready to read the bible or feel comfortable about attending church.

Meditation is a way to still your mind and listen to what your higher consciousness is trying to convey to you. Meditation should be done at least once a week as a way to stay aware of how you are feeling.

Financial Planning and Job Fairs

Financial Planning Resources.
Job Fairs- are a good way to find a job and to plant the seed to starting a career with community-based organizations.

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meeting are geared to promote unity with check-ins, discussing challenges and struggles.