Big Smiles Foundation

Big Smiles is a sober living environment for men in early sobriety or men that need transitional housing.

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The Tiny House Fund was created to help people that have had many challenges in life to give them the ability to smile again.

We believe it starts with having a secure place to lay your head and keep the things safe that you hold dear to your heart. We would like to help the people that graduate from our program to be able to transition into their own house by helping them learn responsibility and independence with a Tiny Home.

These donations go directly into the construction and rent to maintain the Tiny House on a secure property.

Your average size Tiny Home on wheels cost about $28,000 to $32,000 dollars with a bathroom, kitchen, loft, storage space, and other amenities to make your house a home. Many people that come out of prison or homelessness lack the funds to go out and get a house or at the very least an apartment due to having little to no credit or bad credit, NOT having someone to COSIGN for them.

A Tiny Home is a way for them to begin that process of recovery and redemption. With your help of a cash donation a parolee or homeless vet can begin to feel like an asset to society. Once the house is built and placed on site a picture of the individual will be posted on the website.

The phrase “Everybody Knows Someone in Prison or Parole” is true and at some point, they will need assistance to help get their life on track.

The program will work like this once the house is built the donations will go to pay it off and pay for the rental on the property site…then the occupant must be able to take care of the rest of the payments after the first 2 months. However, if the donations are enough to pay off the house the graduate now only must pay a minimal rental fee to maintain the Tiny House on site.