Big Smiles Foundation Milestones

Tools for Success

  • WRAP- Wellness Recovery Action Plan
    The WRAP tool is very useful for a daily self awareness check.
    It’s not a tool to diagnosis oneself but useful to recognize how you feel to battle feelings of:
    a) Depression
    b) Anxiety
    c) Anger 
  • Goal Setting- an effective tool to keep you track to where you want to go…and as small goals are met you will receive a Certification of Completion recognizing your progress.
  • Financial Planning Resources.
  • Job Fairs- are a good way to find a job and to plant the seed to starting a career with community-based organizations.
  • Weekly Meeting- which is geared to promote unity with check-ins, discussing challenges and struggles (Recovery International) tool.
  • Cognitive Thinking Flow Chart.

If you would to support Big Smiles

We would love your help. We are always looking for support from our friends and neighbors.