About Big Smiles Foundation

Our House

Big Smiles is a sober living environment for men in early sobriety or men that need transitional housing.

Fully Furnished/All Appliances
Wi-Fi/Internet Computer/Printer
Peer Support Specialist/House Manager
Backyard Community
Food Pantry
Electric Scooter Transportation


PSALM 133:1

Our Focus

We want to focus on prevention and recovery and both are achieved when people take necessary actions to pursue the goals each individual has set.

Being homeless can lead to a sense of detachment from society and social norms.

Since we are not a treatment facility this type of housing is for those that are capable of living on their own but lack the structure and tools to go at it alone.

Shared housing is a community within itself that
thrives on peer support. What is a Peer Support Specialist?

A Peer Support Specialist is a person who has lived experience in a specific area such as drug abuse, and remains in
recovery by helping others that are struggling with offering advice or judgement.

The statistics show that people do better amongst peers that are on positive behavioral paths,
than those told what to do by paid professionals and authoritative figures.

Big Smiles Foundation was created by Mrs. Mary Bedford and Mr. Marcus Bedford Jr. a mother and son duo that has the support of family and the community behind them. Both have had their own personal challenges, yet they remain faith forward in God and true to their purpose in life
and that is the desire to help others.

Mrs.Mary which she is known as by the many close friends
in her circle and church family, works tirelessly to promote education, and self worth to the youth
and those that are struggling with personal and spiritual issues. Mr. Marcus Jr. is an Advanced
Peer Support Specialist and oversees the daily operation of the sober living/shared
housing/transitional residence.

His experience and knowledge gives him the ability and
understanding it takes to be able to support other men in their challenges of recovery and
maintenance. Big Smiles Foundation is looking to be a model in temporary housing for
homeless veterans and parolees that are serious about getting their life on track and stabilized
so they can return to being an asset to our society and local community.

If you would like to support Big Smiles

We would love your help. We are always looking for support from our friends and neighbors.